Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween (round two and three)

I had a pretty fun Halloween yesterday, work was busy as fuck though. The good thing was we got to dress up a little at work! Always fun :) Getting to wear anything besides that nasty teal polo is what's up. Thursday at work we had a Halloween party for the kids and we were PACKED. I've never seen so many kids in there, they were annoying the crap out of me but it was fun. Some were so adorable in their costumes. We turned the buffet into a 'candy buffet', with candies and little pencils, rings, erasers, etc. . . We also had face painting set up and played bingo. My dad and step-mom brought in my sister! I was excited, and she dressed as Wonder Woman hehe.

Sakura and I at my works kids Halloween party.

work4 work2
Left: Mika, Alaina, Amya. Right: Jessica, Stephanie, me.

After work last night I went up to BG with Jess and Sakeena, we went to some frat party then to Uptown and home. The party was busted so I did what I do best, DIP. Haha. I jumped the fence and two guys helped me because I was shoeless and I have a broken hand so it was little difficult but we got away. We didn't even get into Uptown because the line was FOREVER long and even though some boys let us get in the front it wasn't worth it, blahh. The line was kind of fun though ha.

bg2 bg3

Me and Jess were a devil and angel, and our costumes were pretty boring but we didn't care. Sakeena was adorable though! I loved the maid outfit.

bg4 bg11 bg9

Tonight is the last Halloween party for me this year, I am going as a jail bird and Geneva is the cop haha.