Sunday, January 25, 2009

"You love until you don't"

"you laugh until you cry, you cry until you laugh".

It didn't hurt half as much as I thought it would, in fact, it didn't really hurt at all. It was just a little pinch. It was more awkward than anything, but even so, it wasn't as awkward as I imagined. Despite the lies we were both guilty of - that didn't affect me at all, what affected me was how you tried to use the truth to hurt me. When you thought it would, it didn't. I know I hurt you more with my truths, and I think it's because you didn't expect it from me. Hurting you didn't make me happy per-say but it did add an overdue sense of satisfaction.

I'm happy that you are no longer in love with me.
I'm happy that I left you, and I am happy that we are no longer together. Even if it took so long for us to admit these things to each other, well at least me to you.

I'm also happy that I had the last laugh.

xo, Ashton

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeffrey Campbell Peeptoe Boot


I bought them on clearance for $69.99 originally $185, such a good deal. They are very comfy, and I love them. They match this teal/black plaid long shirt I bought last weekend at the Glendale Galleria very well. I also the heel on these. I also bought a shirt from Juicy Couture that I love. I have my eye on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag from last season that is on clearance but I am thinking about saving up and buying a newer one, who knows.


I have been very stressed lately. More on that later...

xo, Ashton.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Misleading Weight Loss Advertisements

I know you have seen them too. They are all over the Internet, ads with supposed 'before and after' shots of women and even men. Some of these ads even feature celebrities, I saw one featuring Amy Winehouse... Amy Winehouse really? Now who in their right mind would want to look like an emancipated crack head? While browsing Myspace the other day I noticed something interesting. Check it out below! (Click to enlarge).

This one reads:
"Lose 25LBS in two weeks shed those holiday lbs"

The image shows a girl who apparently lost weight with this diet, right? Well check out another add that I saw the same day only moments later.

This one reads:
"In 2 months I lost 30LBS "


Yes that is the same girl. Though the 30lbs in 2 months add is much more believable they go on to emphasis that there was no dieting and no exercise. That is so misleading. With today's stereotypes of beauty and self-image I think it is awful to promote this kind of thing on the Internet where obviously young girls will believe it (because people believe the most ridiculous things) but it is getting their hopes up too and possibly jeopardizing their health.

There is no way to lose 25lbs in two weeks healthily, maybe if you are fasting on only water but even then you will end up in a hospital. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to get fit your body needs so many vitamins and nutrients to keep it functioning properly, and there is no such thing as a magic diet pill.

I am posting this ad for the simple fact that it looks like a 3rd grader made it in MS Paint.


I don't understand how some of these can even be legal, they are obviously false advertising for something that does not even exist. Kid of like mascarra commercials, it is so obvious that the models are wearing fake eyelashes.

xo, Ashton

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kate Winslet, Golden Globes 2009

I am so so happy for Kate Winslet, she is my favorite actress and I was so happy to see she won the Best Actress award for Revolutionary Road as well as the Best Supporting Actress award for The Reader. Amazing!


Kate looked stunning, as usual in a YSL gown. Good choice, YSL is so classy and chic - just like Kate. She is nominated for two Academy Awards this year and home girl better win one! She has been nominated for one 5 times already, but never one so I hope this is her year. I think she is just a brilliant actress, and I admire her work greatly.

Watch the acceptance speech here!
Article, plus more pictures of that gorgeous YSL gown here! Link is also credited for the picture.

And yes, I felt it totally necessary to blog about this haha.

xo, Ashton