Sunday, January 25, 2009

"You love until you don't"

"you laugh until you cry, you cry until you laugh".

It didn't hurt half as much as I thought it would, in fact, it didn't really hurt at all. It was just a little pinch. It was more awkward than anything, but even so, it wasn't as awkward as I imagined. Despite the lies we were both guilty of - that didn't affect me at all, what affected me was how you tried to use the truth to hurt me. When you thought it would, it didn't. I know I hurt you more with my truths, and I think it's because you didn't expect it from me. Hurting you didn't make me happy per-say but it did add an overdue sense of satisfaction.

I'm happy that you are no longer in love with me.
I'm happy that I left you, and I am happy that we are no longer together. Even if it took so long for us to admit these things to each other, well at least me to you.

I'm also happy that I had the last laugh.

xo, Ashton

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Jeffrey Campbell Peeptoe Boot


I bought them on clearance for $69.99 originally $185, such a good deal. They are very comfy, and I love them. They match this teal/black plaid long shirt I bought last weekend at the Glendale Galleria very well. I also the heel on these. I also bought a shirt from Juicy Couture that I love. I have my eye on a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag from last season that is on clearance but I am thinking about saving up and buying a newer one, who knows.


I have been very stressed lately. More on that later...

xo, Ashton.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Misleading Weight Loss Advertisements

I know you have seen them too. They are all over the Internet, ads with supposed 'before and after' shots of women and even men. Some of these ads even feature celebrities, I saw one featuring Amy Winehouse... Amy Winehouse really? Now who in their right mind would want to look like an emancipated crack head? While browsing Myspace the other day I noticed something interesting. Check it out below! (Click to enlarge).

This one reads:
"Lose 25LBS in two weeks shed those holiday lbs"

The image shows a girl who apparently lost weight with this diet, right? Well check out another add that I saw the same day only moments later.

This one reads:
"In 2 months I lost 30LBS "


Yes that is the same girl. Though the 30lbs in 2 months add is much more believable they go on to emphasis that there was no dieting and no exercise. That is so misleading. With today's stereotypes of beauty and self-image I think it is awful to promote this kind of thing on the Internet where obviously young girls will believe it (because people believe the most ridiculous things) but it is getting their hopes up too and possibly jeopardizing their health.

There is no way to lose 25lbs in two weeks healthily, maybe if you are fasting on only water but even then you will end up in a hospital. While there is nothing wrong with wanting to get fit your body needs so many vitamins and nutrients to keep it functioning properly, and there is no such thing as a magic diet pill.

I am posting this ad for the simple fact that it looks like a 3rd grader made it in MS Paint.


I don't understand how some of these can even be legal, they are obviously false advertising for something that does not even exist. Kid of like mascarra commercials, it is so obvious that the models are wearing fake eyelashes.

xo, Ashton

Monday, January 12, 2009

Kate Winslet, Golden Globes 2009

I am so so happy for Kate Winslet, she is my favorite actress and I was so happy to see she won the Best Actress award for Revolutionary Road as well as the Best Supporting Actress award for The Reader. Amazing!


Kate looked stunning, as usual in a YSL gown. Good choice, YSL is so classy and chic - just like Kate. She is nominated for two Academy Awards this year and home girl better win one! She has been nominated for one 5 times already, but never one so I hope this is her year. I think she is just a brilliant actress, and I admire her work greatly.

Watch the acceptance speech here!
Article, plus more pictures of that gorgeous YSL gown here! Link is also credited for the picture.

And yes, I felt it totally necessary to blog about this haha.

xo, Ashton

Sunday, January 11, 2009

01 . 11 . 2009

I haven't had anything relevant to blog about in a long while, and still don't but whatever here it goes...

Things have been boring lately, and the people I work for/live with are getting on my nerves. They let their kids walk all over them and tell them to "shut up", call them "jerks" and "punks", and tell them they hate them. It's ridiculous, and it makes me sad because it is obviously an attention thing seeing as how they are not even half as bad with me. The little girl is four and makes her parents feed her. I was asked to feed her her salad the other night, I can't say no so I did the next best thing. I put salad on her fork and handed her the fork and bowl and told her "eat it". She did, she is beyond capable of doing so herself all the time. There are a lot more ridiculous things she does and demands that they give into but I don't want to exploit their situation. When it comes down to it this little girl isn't getting away with all this bullshit when it comes to me, and she knows that. I do like her though, a lot. Kids can be so sweet and they way the think and see things is just so amazing to me. I just wish that her parents could be around more for her sake. It's not my place to have opinions on this I guess.

There was an earthquake the other night! It scared the shit out of me, haha. "A moderate 4.5-magnitude earthquake" is what they called it on Google News, and thankfully no one was hurt and there was no damage anywhere. I was just sitting on my bed and there was a boom and then the pictures on the walls were shaking, things on my dresser were falling off, and I was just sitting there expecting shit to start falling on my head. Nothing did, and everything was fine a few minutes later. I was lucky that I was already out of the shower, that would have been interesting. I wonder what it would have been like if you were on the road, or maybe in a store, or shagging? Haha. The lady I work for was staying at their home in San Diego that night and she felt it there too.

I went shopping today, I was excited but I didn't make it to Irvine which was sad. Better though, when I go next week I will have more money to spend! There was the Semi Annual Sale at Victoria Secret which was very cool. I bought two pairs of PINK sweats, a PINK shirt, a small Super Model perfume (since I left mine in Vegas last year), PINK hand lotion, some underwear, a PINK gold change purse, and a luggage tag for $75. I also found out that 1) I need a new VS credit card because my magnet strip is worn out haha, and 2) they raised my available credit up by $150. Sweet huh? Oh and that reminds me, I got a raise! Since things have been working out so well and all here they are giving me and increase each week which is awesome. I will be able to save up more money this way. I hear Philadelphia calling my name.

xo, Ashton


Saturday, January 3, 2009

The past few weeks [PICTURES]

fredflare I got a lot of cool things for Christmas, I know I said that already but I was really happy with the things my mom bought for me. I received these Fred Falre "Buddy" glasses (left, and also I love my Sephora by OPI nail polish in "Cab Fare" - shown as well, it is the prettiest color ever), as well as the "Risky Business" sunglasses in black. The COACH SABRINA BAG IN PINK, a new camera which is pink and adorable, the BlackBerry Curve, Bestsey Johnson luggage and laptop case, cute little bootie slippers from Urban Outfitters, VS Pink underwear and sweats/hoodie, Vera Wang bras, Juicy Couture perfume, lots of nice makeup from Sephora and nail stuff, and the Coach Skull key chain I wanted! I was pleased. I had a lot of fun out with my friends when I was home too, but unfortunately no pictures. On second thought that is probably a good thing haha.

1 2 3 4

My new years trip to Vegas was also nice, I did a lot of fun things. Las Vegas is still one of my favorite places ever and although I don't think it's a good idea to move there anymore (I would probably end up addicted to heroin and strippers living in a trailer in the desert) I still love it and am planning a trip there for my 21st birthday in 9 months lol. That is going to be a blast, but back to the present... We stayed at the Trump which wouldn't be my choice but it was actually more appropriate for a family. I went to an aquarium in Mandalay Bay which was super cool, even though I have a phobia of fish (they are so gross, but tasty).  The jelly fish were my favorite and I got to pet a sting ray. We ate a bunch of 5 star food, which is always nice. Crab legs and cusse cusse at the Wynn, salmon with BBQ sauce (it was bomb) at the Bellagio, lots of shrimp scampi and awesome salads for me everywhere else. We also saw performances in the Venetian, which I always love.

1 2
3 4
3 4
7 8
5 6
The ride home took forever, traffic was backed up forever.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks. Seeing old friends, shopping, and more traveling - you know I'm excited.

xo, Ashton

Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year.

I am really so relieved that 2008 is over and done with. It was a pretty shitty year for me. Granted I did have a lot of fun, traveled to some cool places, and made new friends - it just seemed like my life had become a pattern and that though everyday was not predictable, every day had a pretty set schedule... Wake up, school (maybe), drink, smoke, sleep. Eating a lot of Carmel epinadas from Taco Bell at 1am is definitely in there. I tried a lot of new things (some good, some fun, and some just stupid), but all in all the year feels wasted (from what I remember). It is defiantly not a year I would like to live in repeat, thus moving/branching out/etc... Getting away from all the bullshit I created for myself seemed a little like running away at first but really it isn't at all. I still struggle with the same things from day to day, I just placed myself in a better environment and I finally motivated my lazy ass to go out there and get what I want (though I am not too sure what that is just yet). I have very high hopes for this coming year, and many after it even though you never really know what's in store for you. I just have a good feeling and a great outlook on it. It also helped that a stranger said some very encouraging things t0 me out of nowhere the other, reassuring me of any doubt even though I didn't know them and they knew nothing about me. It was really cool.

Anyway enough rambling, Las Vegas was a blast as usual. Pictures and a full update on that sometime this week maybe, if I feel like going through all the trouble.

xo, Ashton