Sunday, January 11, 2009

01 . 11 . 2009

I haven't had anything relevant to blog about in a long while, and still don't but whatever here it goes...

Things have been boring lately, and the people I work for/live with are getting on my nerves. They let their kids walk all over them and tell them to "shut up", call them "jerks" and "punks", and tell them they hate them. It's ridiculous, and it makes me sad because it is obviously an attention thing seeing as how they are not even half as bad with me. The little girl is four and makes her parents feed her. I was asked to feed her her salad the other night, I can't say no so I did the next best thing. I put salad on her fork and handed her the fork and bowl and told her "eat it". She did, she is beyond capable of doing so herself all the time. There are a lot more ridiculous things she does and demands that they give into but I don't want to exploit their situation. When it comes down to it this little girl isn't getting away with all this bullshit when it comes to me, and she knows that. I do like her though, a lot. Kids can be so sweet and they way the think and see things is just so amazing to me. I just wish that her parents could be around more for her sake. It's not my place to have opinions on this I guess.

There was an earthquake the other night! It scared the shit out of me, haha. "A moderate 4.5-magnitude earthquake" is what they called it on Google News, and thankfully no one was hurt and there was no damage anywhere. I was just sitting on my bed and there was a boom and then the pictures on the walls were shaking, things on my dresser were falling off, and I was just sitting there expecting shit to start falling on my head. Nothing did, and everything was fine a few minutes later. I was lucky that I was already out of the shower, that would have been interesting. I wonder what it would have been like if you were on the road, or maybe in a store, or shagging? Haha. The lady I work for was staying at their home in San Diego that night and she felt it there too.

I went shopping today, I was excited but I didn't make it to Irvine which was sad. Better though, when I go next week I will have more money to spend! There was the Semi Annual Sale at Victoria Secret which was very cool. I bought two pairs of PINK sweats, a PINK shirt, a small Super Model perfume (since I left mine in Vegas last year), PINK hand lotion, some underwear, a PINK gold change purse, and a luggage tag for $75. I also found out that 1) I need a new VS credit card because my magnet strip is worn out haha, and 2) they raised my available credit up by $150. Sweet huh? Oh and that reminds me, I got a raise! Since things have been working out so well and all here they are giving me and increase each week which is awesome. I will be able to save up more money this way. I hear Philadelphia calling my name.

xo, Ashton