Monday, January 12, 2009

Kate Winslet, Golden Globes 2009

I am so so happy for Kate Winslet, she is my favorite actress and I was so happy to see she won the Best Actress award for Revolutionary Road as well as the Best Supporting Actress award for The Reader. Amazing!


Kate looked stunning, as usual in a YSL gown. Good choice, YSL is so classy and chic - just like Kate. She is nominated for two Academy Awards this year and home girl better win one! She has been nominated for one 5 times already, but never one so I hope this is her year. I think she is just a brilliant actress, and I admire her work greatly.

Watch the acceptance speech here!
Article, plus more pictures of that gorgeous YSL gown here! Link is also credited for the picture.

And yes, I felt it totally necessary to blog about this haha.

xo, Ashton


Kathleen said...

that dress makes her look fat

Ashton said...

she is thicker than most celebs anyway asshole.