Monday, October 27, 2008

Shredded shirts

I've been attempting to make a shirt like the ones by Raquel Allegra pretty much all morning. Thanks in part to the tutorial at Childhood Flames. I actually figured out a way to keep the hem on the shirts, using a small razor to create the panel instead of just tearing off the hem.

Raquel Allegra asymmetrical shirt $490.00

1 2
My shirt so far.

This is very time consuming, but so worth it. I want to get a big white tunic, and dark gray scarf to shred next.

Halloween (round one)

It was Dakotahs birthday this Saturday and she had a costume theme party, it was very fun. I opted out of the referee costume and was a cat haha. I can't wait for the weekend, and more Halloween parties.


2 21

5 20

The cake war was defiantly one of the highlights, and wasn't that bumble bee girl adorable?

35 32

Good times, good times :)

There are a million more pictures on my facebook.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Current Obsessions I

First a quick update of my week. . . This week has been pretty crazy, crazier than most others anyway. Monday night was fun until oh about two in the morning. . . then I had a little encounter with a State Highway patrol officer. He was very nice, and let me go (thank god, and thank you whoever you are officer) but I still felt like an idiot when I was calling people from the police station in the middle of the night asking them to pick me up (sorry mom and thanks again Alex). That was just the start of it all. Doctors was Tuesday, I'm sick. Sick enough for two anti-biotic's apparently but whatever I am feeling a little better. Wednesday we were in BG, that was actually a pretty quiet night. Thursday night. . . well Thursday night I had a little altercation and I'm pretty sure my fucking hand is broken. For real. My shits so swollen and blue, and it hurts like a mother fucker. I'm also out of pain killers until I make to the doctors/pharmacy again, so if anyone knows a good street pharmacist that could help me out in the mean time. . . (I kid). I can't write, I can't type (with my right hand), I can't blow dry my hair by myself, etc. I feel like a cripple and that makes me sad. On a good note I paid over $200 in bills this week! That is very good if you know me, ha.

gin Anyway, aside from all the dramz I've been enjoying quite a few things lately. Mainly Gin, the super cute and talented singer/song writer from New Zealand. I knew I was going to heart her the moment I heard her song "Under My Skin". Her myspace page describes her voice and style like so. . . "Vocally she runs from Macy Gray to Blondie to Edith Piaf. Musically she moves between Feist and Broken Social Scene to Neil Young and Fiona Apple, while lyrically she moves from sorrow to sunshine. " It really was love at first listen. I want her EP, it only has five songs and I've only been able to find two to download. I am going to buy it, I love every song so far. "These Roses" and "Hallelujah" are my favorites, "Hallelujah" actually mad me cry, it's very a pretty/sad song about her losing her father to cancer. Anyway, she is worth checking out - I think she'll be very successful one day.


The is one of my favorite websites, I love looking at all the apartments and houses all of which are decorated very modern, very cool. A current favorite is a designer by the name of Chase Cohl (click the image to the right to see more images of her NYC Soho apartment), I absolutely love her style. I totally dig the James Dean poster and all the feathers/animal print, it's all very me. The big lips above her bed, as well as outside give me a vibe of Betsey Johnson (one of my absolute favorite designers). The entire site is worth a check out.


People are probably sick of hearing me talk about Bianca Casady, but I don't even care. I love her. What I love almost as much as her is her art, it is so unique and interesting. This one to the left is meant to hang sideways for some reason, I don't have any clue what she meant by it but I like it. There are many more, non drug related ones. Maybe you'd like? Click the image to the left to check out some more. I'm sure her artwork ranges from the mid $100's to $1,000's but I really would love a piece of it. Particularly a native American 'hood' piece, or an animal. . . you just need to look at the yourself to have any idea what I'm talking about I think! The picture to the left links to her website.

Alexander McQueen bags = major lust.mcqueen1
I'm beyond lusting over one of these bags and there are so many perfect ones! I love this black and gray one. I didn't see one like it at the Alexander McQueen boutique in Las Vegas. I did see a somewhat similar one in navy, both from his Autum 08' collection. Image links to his 'womens bags' part of the site. I also really heart the union jack clutch with skull clip, so cute. I love the little toy soldiers and airplanes on these bags, you might recognize them from the bag I posted in my Las Vegas post a few weeks ago. There are many, many more bags that don't have any knick-nacks on them but are equally as amazing. The metallic, almost rust-ish, purple colored ones are another favorite of mine! If I had two grand for a bag, I'd be very tempted by this collection.

There are so more things I planned on adding, and I will in a later post but this took me like an hour to type out being only to do so with my left hand. . . :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ignorance is bliss (but not really)

NOTE: If you choose to watch either of these two videos they are extremely disturbing, disgusting, offensive and sad.

Things like this make me ashamed to be an American, and even more so from Ohio. They also worry me about our countries future. The 2008 election, I feel, will be an extremely significant one in our countries history. We need change. I pray Barrack Obama will win the presidential election, not just for myself but for all of our future generations.

Eastern Ohioans opinions on Sarah Palin and Barrack Obama.

This man should be beyond ashamed, and his family humiliated at his racist way of supporting McCain/Palin.

These worry me, but not enough to make me stop believing that Obama will succeed in the election. I hate people sometimes, I hate how close-minded and ridiculous people are. I hate how people let fear govern their decisions.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

I can't wait for Halloween.

I love Halloween time.

Love, love, love. I love the weather, all the horrible decorations, the stories, the costumes, and just about everything that goes along with it. The entire phenomena of Halloween has had me hyped since I was little.

I carved a pumpkin today! It was exciting times, Kylee was there too and she attempted to carve one lol. I bought some stencils and carving supplies at the Wal-Mart today. It took us like two hours but it was worth it, for me anyway. I used the skull and crossbones stencil but I messed up and accidentally cut off his other eye and nose, oops.

hallow1 hallow2

I was a flapper last year, and I loved that costume. I picked out two costumes for this year today. I'm going out the Friday Halloween is on, as well as the next day. My dad is throwing a Halloween party that Saturday so the jail-bird costume is for that, nothing too trashy in front of my family. The referee costume isn't exactly what I was looking for but I am altering it and it's going to be badass. I'm adding some 'poof' to the skirt and replacing the chest patch thing, I'll post a picture of the finished product. I really wanted to be the Mad Hatter this year but I didn't think anyone would get it and the costume was pretty expensive (since I was already buying two I opted not to). Next year I want to be a 50's waitress, sailor, Alice, or the Mad Hatter.


Something I would also like to do next year is spend the night at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Oh. It's only $50 and you get to stay over night in the prison with a group and tour guide, it'd be scary as fuck but fun! You have to be 21 to stay over night so I have to wait, plus the tickets sell out months in advance.

I will post pictures of both costumes once I alter them and make them mine.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton


I first saw these shoes in the Oct issue of Vogue I bought on the way to Las Vegas last week, and was beyond excited when I got to inspect the shoes for myself at a Louis Vuitton store in Las Vegas. They are so lightweight and that heel. . . They come in other colors too - silver, red, beige, etc. I however, love the gold. I love the way the toe overlaps the bottom platform.


Kierra Knightley in a Michael Kors leopard suit dress and LV platform wedges. Vouge August 2008.

If I had $2,000 to spend on a pair of shoes it would be these or the Ann Demeulemeester fall 2008 heeled triple lace-up boots in brown, maybe plum. Marc Jacobs did a great job with the entire collection though. I love all the wedged boots/heels, and the lack of color. Also a few of his bags for LV remind me of some of his from his Marc by Marc Jacobs bags in the sense of the embelished name logos. I hate the nylon material he used making a few of the Marc bags though.

For more on Marcs fall 2008 collection for LV click here !