Sunday, October 12, 2008

I can't wait for Halloween.

I love Halloween time.

Love, love, love. I love the weather, all the horrible decorations, the stories, the costumes, and just about everything that goes along with it. The entire phenomena of Halloween has had me hyped since I was little.

I carved a pumpkin today! It was exciting times, Kylee was there too and she attempted to carve one lol. I bought some stencils and carving supplies at the Wal-Mart today. It took us like two hours but it was worth it, for me anyway. I used the skull and crossbones stencil but I messed up and accidentally cut off his other eye and nose, oops.

hallow1 hallow2

I was a flapper last year, and I loved that costume. I picked out two costumes for this year today. I'm going out the Friday Halloween is on, as well as the next day. My dad is throwing a Halloween party that Saturday so the jail-bird costume is for that, nothing too trashy in front of my family. The referee costume isn't exactly what I was looking for but I am altering it and it's going to be badass. I'm adding some 'poof' to the skirt and replacing the chest patch thing, I'll post a picture of the finished product. I really wanted to be the Mad Hatter this year but I didn't think anyone would get it and the costume was pretty expensive (since I was already buying two I opted not to). Next year I want to be a 50's waitress, sailor, Alice, or the Mad Hatter.


Something I would also like to do next year is spend the night at the Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield, Oh. It's only $50 and you get to stay over night in the prison with a group and tour guide, it'd be scary as fuck but fun! You have to be 21 to stay over night so I have to wait, plus the tickets sell out months in advance.

I will post pictures of both costumes once I alter them and make them mine.