Saturday, January 3, 2009

The past few weeks [PICTURES]

fredflare I got a lot of cool things for Christmas, I know I said that already but I was really happy with the things my mom bought for me. I received these Fred Falre "Buddy" glasses (left, and also I love my Sephora by OPI nail polish in "Cab Fare" - shown as well, it is the prettiest color ever), as well as the "Risky Business" sunglasses in black. The COACH SABRINA BAG IN PINK, a new camera which is pink and adorable, the BlackBerry Curve, Bestsey Johnson luggage and laptop case, cute little bootie slippers from Urban Outfitters, VS Pink underwear and sweats/hoodie, Vera Wang bras, Juicy Couture perfume, lots of nice makeup from Sephora and nail stuff, and the Coach Skull key chain I wanted! I was pleased. I had a lot of fun out with my friends when I was home too, but unfortunately no pictures. On second thought that is probably a good thing haha.

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My new years trip to Vegas was also nice, I did a lot of fun things. Las Vegas is still one of my favorite places ever and although I don't think it's a good idea to move there anymore (I would probably end up addicted to heroin and strippers living in a trailer in the desert) I still love it and am planning a trip there for my 21st birthday in 9 months lol. That is going to be a blast, but back to the present... We stayed at the Trump which wouldn't be my choice but it was actually more appropriate for a family. I went to an aquarium in Mandalay Bay which was super cool, even though I have a phobia of fish (they are so gross, but tasty).  The jelly fish were my favorite and I got to pet a sting ray. We ate a bunch of 5 star food, which is always nice. Crab legs and cusse cusse at the Wynn, salmon with BBQ sauce (it was bomb) at the Bellagio, lots of shrimp scampi and awesome salads for me everywhere else. We also saw performances in the Venetian, which I always love.

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The ride home took forever, traffic was backed up forever.

I am looking forward to the next few weeks. Seeing old friends, shopping, and more traveling - you know I'm excited.

xo, Ashton


Kathleen said...

I am a victim of life. Maybe it will get you too.

Kathleen said...

i would if he wasn't a fictional television character :( :( :( i don't think i like my asian anymore. but i don't hate him enough to do anything about it -_-