Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Year.

I am really so relieved that 2008 is over and done with. It was a pretty shitty year for me. Granted I did have a lot of fun, traveled to some cool places, and made new friends - it just seemed like my life had become a pattern and that though everyday was not predictable, every day had a pretty set schedule... Wake up, school (maybe), drink, smoke, sleep. Eating a lot of Carmel epinadas from Taco Bell at 1am is definitely in there. I tried a lot of new things (some good, some fun, and some just stupid), but all in all the year feels wasted (from what I remember). It is defiantly not a year I would like to live in repeat, thus moving/branching out/etc... Getting away from all the bullshit I created for myself seemed a little like running away at first but really it isn't at all. I still struggle with the same things from day to day, I just placed myself in a better environment and I finally motivated my lazy ass to go out there and get what I want (though I am not too sure what that is just yet). I have very high hopes for this coming year, and many after it even though you never really know what's in store for you. I just have a good feeling and a great outlook on it. It also helped that a stranger said some very encouraging things t0 me out of nowhere the other, reassuring me of any doubt even though I didn't know them and they knew nothing about me. It was really cool.

Anyway enough rambling, Las Vegas was a blast as usual. Pictures and a full update on that sometime this week maybe, if I feel like going through all the trouble.

xo, Ashton