Sunday, December 28, 2008

"Move Away to Make A Way".

newhair1I just arrived back in California today around noon. All I did today - aside from travel - was sleep, unpack and fall in love (more about that later). My trip home was nice, I saw just about everyone that I wanted to and spent a lot of time with my family. I also got my hair done on Christmas Eve (left), it is a lot darker, shorter, more choppy, and more bangs. I like it, it's good winter hair. Christmas was very fun, I got so many nice things - including Betsey Johnson luggage and the Coach Leather Sabrina in Pink. Maybe I will post some pictures later on this week!

Aside from all the festivities when I was home I realized a few things... 1) My DNA was not wired for a life in the mid-west. Ohio was good for me though, in the sense it gave me a place to nest and realize what else was out here in the world and how much I wanted to be part of something bigger. Which I am now! And forever will be, even if I have to move back to Ohio next year before moving to Philadelphia, which brings me to.... 2) If I did not get away from the life and the people I was surrounded with there I would have ended up either as bad, or worse off - both aren't options. 3) I didn't fit in, and this goes back to point #1, I am a little more eccentric than most people in rural Ohio and being around more open-minded and intelligent people is a huge plus. 4) I am not half as lonely as I make it sound, and I am happier here. 5) I miss my family, I love them despite how two-faced and ridiculous they may be. I love, love, love them all.

I feel like my life is just getting started and I think it will all work out fine for me. Dan thought so too, even if we only spoke for an hour.

Dan is the contractor from Phoenix I became infatuated with this morning. He was older, much older, but there was something about him I noticed when we were waiting in line to check in (aside from the designer jeans and Ed Hardy hat). Needless to say I was beyond excited to see that I was sitting next to him on the plane. I even stayed up the whole time despite how fucking tired I was because I was scared that I'd sleep with my mouth open. He spoke to me first and it was intense, lots of smiling and eye contact, he was beautiful and he totally knew I was hearting him (or I hope). I wanted so badly to make him give me his lovin' but even though he was sans wedding ring he was probably taken. He told me I didn't belong in Ohio, he originally being from Michigan, and he also said I was lovely... I haven't been this infatuated with someone so random since that stripper named Holli a few weeks back, she was fun.

xo, Ashton

Travis, me, Jordan, Christian, Tony.


Kathleen said...

you're weird. buy me a ticket to cali so i can meet cool people.

Kathleen said...

at least i can shake hands now