Monday, November 17, 2008

Interesting. . .

No one cares? Someone from the Bowling Green State University computer lab sure does. . . That same person also (according to the stat data) watched my video on youtube more than once, frequently visits my myspace, and is a HUGE fan of my bulletins - reading them more than one time per day.

There were many, MANY more logs like these above.

Call me. . . unblocked? Call me. . . when you don't need your friends as back up? Call me. . . when you won't have your boyfriend text me asking me to leave you alone? I'm sorry, I know you are one of the most insecure people I have ever met, but you are seriously still stuck on me? Girl you are obsessed, but I love it. I love how you "prank" me, how you have to hide behind everything because you know, haha you know what would happen otherwise. I can not wait until I see you, because I will. I don't care where I see you - on the street, at a restaurant or store - you WILL get yours and it WILL be worth the consequences. In the meantime I look forward to those phone calls. I would be so embarrassed to be you, mainly look like you, but at least you are a pretty girl with nice style. . . bahahahah.