Monday, September 22, 2008

i'm not going back - to rags or in the holes

First off, you are dumb. You know who you are.

Word: Disappointment.
That is the best way to describe my week. I've had a bad one. From small to large - disappointment was ever present this week. Without getting into details and telling multiple stories of how my week sucked, that is all it was. Seven days of pure disappointment. Get it yet?

Many things were my fault (waking up for my hair appointment) but most of the stress was caused by friends (seriously?). I can't, and will never, get over the feeling you get after you have spent so much of your time and emotional energy to try to help someone out. To try and guide them, convince and influence them to do something that they should already be doing. I'm not even attempting to allude that I am anywhere close to perfect but somethings are just so... obvious? common sense maybe? You just want to smack the other person and be like "What the fuck are you thinking?" - not that it will help anymore than anything else you've tried. I hate getting to the point where you think you are getting through to someone to have them do a complete 360 and be back at square one. I tried friend, good luck and I'd like to say I wouldn't be here when you come back crying to everyone for help but I probably will. I wouldn't like to be because I feel like you don't care about yourself or your life enough to ever (want) get help. You're turning into one of the girls you talk about.

I'm so ready for Las Vegas, I love Vegas! I am excited to get away and have virtually no worries for the weekend.