Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thanks for giving.

Lust of the moment. . .

Rick Owens Fall 2008 ankle boots.

I have really been loving Rick Owens lately, I love his runway shows and they are just so hard to even describe. Beautiful, and these boots are great. A great version of the boots that caused quite the stir recently, you know the ones. . .

Things have been fine lately, getting prepared to move is making me a little nervous. . . I feel so unprepared it's ridiculous. I can't wait though, it will be an experience! And L.A.? Um, yeah I am so there! I feel so fortunate to get out of this shit hole town and explore an entire different part of the country and really just get to experience living in southern California. My dad lived in Sacramento for a few years when I was younger and I liked it, San Francisco being my most favorite. I have been south, but never lived there. Exciting times.

Happy Thanksgiving, Ashton.