Thursday, December 18, 2008

Thank you Marc Jacobs Collection


For this gorgeous Spring 2009 bag collection. I love the bright colors, purple and yellow being recent loves of mine. I have always fancied that sea foam/teal color. The satin and patent look amazing, I would love any of these bags, if I only I could afford one haha. The other bags were equally as impressive - black, cream, gold, bronze - you know I was loving it. I wasn,t as impressed with the shoes but I did heart the two below, especially the gold and purple one, and I loved the shape of the heels.

I have been doing well, and with lots of free time I have been e-window shopping. Once I save up money I want to go on a major shopping spree, but then again there are so many things I want to do when I save up my money. Germany trip is at the top, got to save up to move to Philly, random trips in Caliland, and summer always breaks me so I need to be careful. I've spent a lot on plane tickets this month, boo. Oh well, I get to go to Vegas for free :)

I ate at a Carl's Jr. today for the first time in years and it was absolutely delicious. The Six Dollar Burger is where it's at but that fucker is huge!

Photo credit: Marc Jacobs